Author Topic: Combat Balance issue on Misery Level  (Read 5673 times)

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Combat Balance issue on Misery Level
« on: April 18, 2014, 07:32:14 am »
I sure am loving the challenge on Misery level.

But I came across an issue that became really tidious.

I had a Destroy Pirate Armada mission on the Skylaxian world.

I had 1 AOC Bumblebee Velociter to kill to complete the mission and I was using a Prototype Longship.

I had power maxed,shield down to one bar,and weapons on 2 bars.

Issue: The Bumblebee's speed was far superior than mine and it made the final encounter really extremely long and tidious trying to firstly guess where he would be several moves ahead of time in order to be close enough to wear down it's structure points.It was early in the game so I had no skills to boost velocity.Chasing it proved futile as it would always be ahead of my weapons range.Increasing weapons range would cause my ship to be far too slow and end up in a worse position.So anticipating where he would end up was the only way to close the distance.Each time only get a couple hits of damage.Rinse and repeat.

I swear it took over 30min to push him towards the edge of the map so I could limit his movement area.Even then he could keep ahead of my Spread weapons.
After about an hour I finally killed him with great relief.

Not sure if that's the type of play balance you want on Misery.But thought I should at least point out that having this issue every battle at this level would end up taking some of the fun away.
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Re: Combat Balance issue on Misery Level
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2014, 10:33:38 am »
It's not just a problem at the misery level.  I've had an annoying time catching people even on hard.

Skylaxian carrier prototype, I can max my engines and the fast ships can still stay ahead of me easily.  Space batman feels fat and slow.
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