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So far, needs a lot of work here. The squadron behavior I am observing so far is complete suicide, using the thoraxians. I don't lose a single unit. If I increase the level, I'm just getting beaten because the enemy ships are ridiculously strong compared to mine. For comparison:

Monitor Level I
HP: 2485
speed: 241
Attack: 450

Monitor Level II
HP: 6455
speed: 248
Attack: 900

Even a 2 to 1 ratio would not be enough.

I also think that the combat is missing something. I know there is an update coming, but I wanted to submit this for critique for anyone (including other players!).

I wanted to include this from 13086 as a way to increase combat depth:
Right now, they move so fast, that rather than being tactical points to move your ships around, they are more like random pinballs that harass both sides. The slowing effect doesn't matter so much because the ranges are large enough that once you engage, having a slow-moving ship doesn't really matter. It probably needs some other effect:
 * Make the object bigger and slower moving, so you can actually hide behind them.
 * Hiding behind objects would make flying around the map somewhat stealthy and tactical if the enemy location was unknown. In this kind of scenario, ship placement would matter a heckuva lot more because you wouldn't know where the enemy ships were until a given range or line of sight. This could be exciting and add tension, add depth, and tactics.

I haven't had a chance yet to get into the game Cyborg, but i agree, your suggestion of 'terrain' to use in hiding and as a shield, or as a blind preventing the player from seeing the other race also is a good point. I am used to that kind of behaviour in some games i've played, think it would prove interesting here.  :)  Anyway, good idea, i hope chris and company add it, would make it interesting.


Thanks for replying.


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