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2560 x1440 resolution preformance

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At first thought I was like OH No! no native resolution for my 2560 x 1440 monitor.

But by ticking the window size and inputting my resolution preference I got a windowed 2560 x1440 screen.But with a simple ALT + Enter it maximized to my native screen size.

The game looked really good at this resolution and ran great.Even though a message said the game was only optimized at this point for  1920 x 1200(I think it was that resolution).

I started the game up twice.Both times I had sessions of nearly two hours.

It ran great until a race would create a Science lab.If I went and visited the science lab and clicked on the text options an error box would show up on the upper right hand side of the screen and state a fatal error had occurred and I would need to restart the game.

Also I imagine at a later date 2560 x1440 resolution and above will be in the standard graphic options screen. As having to do the above set up each time would be inconvienant.

I was using an
 i7 2600k
GTX590  using the 337.5 beta drivers.
8 gig ram
Windows 7 64bit ultimate

Edit: I tried changing in the Runtime Data folder the Setting Dat file the screen width and height.It starts up with those settings but then reverts back to 1920 x 1200.So each time I have to manually input my screen dimensions and then press Alt + enter to maximize the screen.

Do you have the error handy?

Point me to the folder and i'll have it for you in a sec.

I found a unhandlederror text file and a ArcenDebug log file.Is it one of those?

Yep!  Both, if you will.

The Unhandlederror file is in previous is the ArcenDebug log.


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