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The War For Peace

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A new Last Federation: The Rebeginining!

The Hydral takes his most aggressive moves yet. Will being branded a terrorist set back his hope for unification, or just add a bit of 'bad boy cool?'

The Hydral decides to become a media baron. But was it worth it? Television has never influenced opinion at all. Ever.

W.r.t. the ineffectiveness of outpost you spoke of in the last two videos, I don't see this filed as a bug report in Mantis.

Is it possible for you to provide saves (outpost vs. no outpost) for upload to Mantis such that Chris can confirm in speedily?

Oh, really? Haha, I always figure with things like this it's either:

A. Just me mucking things up.
B. Something everyone noticed.

Yeah, I'll go ahead and post that ticket now.


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