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The War For Peace

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As the Hydral pivots his attention over to newly organized AFA, the Hydral Broadcast Network extends the reach of its media arm. Or rather, tentacle. The new programming has a lot of tentacles, actually.

I've checked in the HotH playthrough saves in 1.017, that the outposts are giving a boost to the expected buildings and research times. Did you give them to the race you are working with? That would be 0-net change if I'm not mistaken (both you and their resources are pooled in the calculation IIRC).

Yah. The 1.017 patch fixed it.

...Which happened to come out like two hours after I finally managed to write up that ticket. Figures. Ha.

In these episodes the great Federation makes significant gains, but has the Hydral really improved the odds for peace, or merely formalized the lines of battle?

Everything seems to be coming up Hydral, and he feels more confident than ever that his galactic unification is a very real possibility. What remains, though, will be his toughest test yet: The Acutians, Evucks, the Burlusts, and the surly Thoraxians, where this entire dream began.

As the galaxy becomes more and more tightly entangled, the Hydral is faced with a very serious problem: How do you unify a people who don't even want to be at peace?


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