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Heads of the Hydral (HotH) Succession Game

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Heads of the Hydral (HotH) Succession Game

In order to show off the features of The Last Federation, we are starting a succession style game where players take turns playing with the purpose of advancing in the game and eventually starting a federation. In context, each person is playing as a different head of the Hydral who gets a turn to be the head in charge.  ;)

There are 400 days in the solar year, with each day taking about 1 second of simulation time. Chris said that 9 years could fit in an hour not counting combat time. How long or short you turn is will partially depend on your playstyle (dispatch missions take up a lot of sim time).

Rules (subject to change):
1.   Play up to a maximum of 9 solar years and try to make progress in the game both in terms of gaining power, and towards forming a federation (or growing an already formed one). Post screenshots or stories, in particular describing gameplay mechanics and strategies.
2.   At the end of your turn (less than 9 years is fine if it is taking a long time, post the save, as well a short description on suggested next steps.
3.   When the save has been posted, first come, first serve to claim the save for the next year. Post in the topic that you claimed it, then play through your time and post within a few hours if you can.
4.   If you cannot complete a turn in a reasonable amount of time, leave the chance to someone else and come back to claim it later when you have the time.
5.   Game settings: try not to change difficulty level, and if you do, let the next player know. We can try other games with higher or lower difficulty, but this run can be on normal.
6.   Post your screenshots in the format of the example one below. Screenshots can be hosted wherever you want (Steam is convenient).
7.   The game is open to anyone to try! Just check that no one else has posted to claim the save before you begin. Playing a 2nd or 3rd turn is fine if the save is available.
8.    If you remember, try to post what game version was used in your play time.
Settings are as shown:

Turn list:
Pre-release posts:
1 I Proto 3000 ------ 1 I Proto 3001 -- topper (completed) 1, 2
1 I Proto 3001 ------ 1 I Proto 3002 -- Endymion (completed) 1
1 I Proto 3002 ------ 1 I Proto 3003 -- Hyfrydle (completed) 1
1 I Proto 3003 ------ 64 VII Thermo 3007 -- Misery (completed) 1, 2
Post 1.0 posts:
64 VII Thermo 3007 ------ 83rd VIII Thermo 3007 -- Alex Heartnet (completed) 1     
83 VII Thermo 3007 ------ 3 VIII Helia 3008 -- GreyTalon (completed) 1
3 VIII Helia 3008 ------ 1 I Proto 3011 -- topper (completed) 1
1 I Proto 3011 ------ 57 III Proto 3012 -- zharmad (completed) 1
57 III Proto 3012 ------ 22 V Thermo 3013 -- GreyTalon (completed) 1
22 V Thermo 3013 ------ 12 IX Helia 3014 -- zharmad (completed) 1, 2
12 IX Helia 3014 ------ 17 XVI Ultra 3018 -- topper (completed) 1
Post 2.0 posts:
17 XVI Ultra 3018 ------87 XX Ultra 3020 -- Alex Heartnet (completed) 1 (with video!)

Original save is attached to this post for reference, from just after the first battle.

This gameplay describes the 0.860 alpha version of The Last Federation and may not reflect on the full game.

Intro (game text and images)
I am the last of the murdered race of Hydrals. My countrymen were the dictators of the solar system, so we kind of had it coming.

My ultimate goal? The creation of a peaceful unified federation of planets. Only then can we be safe from the kinds of atrocities my race committed, and the kinds that were committed against us.

1 I Proto 3000
After escaping captivity and stealing a prototype flagship from the Thoraxians, I must escape the planet to begin my quest to make the last federation this solar system will ever see.
My ship is equipped with three weapons and multiple experimental special attack options that seriously outclass the two pursuing Thoraxian ships.

I swoop around the two pursing flagships and deploy my Kamichi fighters for cover. The energy blaster easily brings down their shields, and the spreadshot lays waste to the bare hull and deployed enemy fighters

Now that I am safely away, I can look around at the current state of the solar system. I see several races besides the Thoraxians are also near achieving spaceflight for themselves.

The hated warlike Burlusts appear to be within a month of reaching orbit.

Before I can form a unified solar federation, all the races must be given a chance to reach the stars. However, I decide who to deal with first.

The Burlusts do not deserve to make it to space before the Acutians and Skylaxians. After all, the Acutians earned my respect when they sent a moon into the orbit of my homeworld, and the Skylaxians have as advanced and admirable of a culture as can be found in this system.

6 I Proto 3000
I must get past the Thoraxian guards to slip key information for spaceflight to the Acutians.

I apply my cloaking device and slip into the drop zone with the documents before they can try to stop me.

The Acutians were wise not to mention the name of their planet to me before I freed them from the ground. They named their home planet “Jam”. They are appropriately grateful to me for the technical assistance, and the Thoraxians are appropriately angry that I broke their monopoly of spacefaring technology.

11 I Proto 3000
This time I check with the locals about planet names before giving them the secrets of spacefaring. The honorable Skylaxians have named their planet Stella Lyra, a much grander name. This time I must dodge both the Thoraxians and Acutians in order to deliver the documents. I pull off the same diversion+cloaking trick and drop the documents before they even know I’m there.

14 I Proto 3000
Invest in infrastructure with the Acutians for 1 influence. The first brick in my solar federation!

22 II Proto 3000
Raid Pirate convoy with Skylaxians for a delicious Sorul Dark Chocolate. This will be useful as a bribe later.

The Burlusts are now spacefaring by themselves.

Looking at the ship customization:

I adjust my capabilities slightly, adding the gravity missile to my active repertoire.

45 III Proto 3000
Since the Burlusts are so dangerous, I decide to plant an informant on their homeworld of Volos. Then I decide to raid them for Basic Sub Atomic Theory. I can't have the warmongers with a tech edge on any other races.

Looks like the Burlusts are going to hate me. I warp into planetary orbit practically on top of a juicy weather satellite, GPS satellite, and flight school. Since I didn’t want the Burlusts on the solar scale at this point, I will do my best to send them back to the information age before I steal their tech anyways.

A quick gravity missile takes care of the nearest flagship. That leaves only 1 flaghip off screen and a poorly oriented constellation of turrets between me and my targets.

I wrap up the three orbital targets and dock with the orbital science lab to grab the tech. Amusingly, there appears to be no hit in influence from me destroying their orbital goodies. Perhaps they respect the demonstration of my significant combat prowess.

Continued on next post

This gameplay describes the 0.860 alpha version of The Last Federation and may not reflect on the full game.

58 Proto III 3000
I decide the Burlusts should respect me more. Their three warlords are Roqmul, Tictoc, and Troter. I challenge Troter to a fight to the death!
(Note: this may be a very bad idea to do in a post 1.0 game)

Now you know why you fear the night! er… Hydral.

Troter is replaced quickly by another Burlust warlord named Fantag.

5 IV Thermo 3000
I aid the Acutians with armada construction for 3 months. This keeps me from completing other things in the system, but gains me 9 influence with the Acutians.

58 VII Thermo 3000
I raid another pirate convoy for loot with the Skylaxians. This time the pirates were carrying Raw Asp Meat. That sounds like something only a Burlust could love… However, once again, my intuition is wrong. Burlusts hate Raw Asp Meat, but Thoraxians love it.

63 VII Thermo 3000
Looking at the armada power graph, I decide to help the Acutians for 2 more months on constructing armadas to stay ahead of the Burlusts.

30 X Helia 3000
I advise the Acutians on Jam to Industrialize. This stops the negative medical trend and starts a positive economic trend. I hope all 308 million current Acutian robot citizens are grateful.

I then help the Skylaxians colonize a moon. This will aid my current chosen races in their quest for solar dominance.

37 X Helia 3000
The Burlust armada threat continues, so I decide to get my hands (tentacles?) dirty and go to work myself.

One gravity missile takes out the three nearest flagships. Operation Kamichi and Short Wave Virus turns the tide of the battle decisively in my favor.
I see an opening in the cloud of fighters and launch a nuke into another flagship. This will catch the attention of the Burlust citizens on the planet below.
The battle gains me 6000 credits. Taking another look at the armada power graphs, the Burlusts losses at my hands are clearly shown.

 I will knock off another Burlust warlord to restore their proper fear.. I mean, respect of me. First I get Fantag to put in a good word for me, thus expending my leverage on him. Since he owes me nothing now, he is expendable. I challenge him to a duel!
Funny, the computer tells me that the Burlust warlord “hunted me down” while clearly it is mistaken since I am the predator here.

53 XI Helia 3000
I decide to help out the ailing Skylaxian economy on Stella Lyrae as a dispatch for 3 months.

44 XIV Pyran 3000
Into the third season of the solar year.
I aid the Acutians in destroying a nearby pirate base and rescued 6 formerly pirate Skylaxians that I can return to Stella Lyrae for judgment.

I return the prisoners and gain 2 influence with the Skylaxian Senate.

28 XVII Ultra 3000
The final quarter of the year 3000. I will help the Skylaxian with their health, raising it by 3 over the final three months of the year.

1 I Proto 3001
My time is done. It is time for another to take my place as the primary.
Here is the state of the system at the beginning of the year 3000.

Solar map:

Racial power grid:

Race relations:

One year is pretty short, but it took me a long time to write up. The game is really just getting started still. Feel free to play more or less depending on how much time you have available. Claiming the save is first come, first serve. Post to claim it and then add your contribution to the AAR. If anything too bad happens we can roll back a save, so dont be shy!

Save is attached and open for claiming!

Doing only a year since I need to be going in a few hours.
1 I Proto 3001
Hmm so what's happening here?

Thoraxians hate me, maybe I should fix that since everyone else seem to be happy enough.
They have an ok planet for themselves but their population is pitiful so for now they shouldn't be much of a threat to anyone.

Boarines seem to be in similiar situation but won't be spacefaring quite yet so for now they'll be ignored.

2 I Proto 3001
Made Skylaxian share their techs Thoraxians. The poor things only had tech for bomb shelter.

Next I decide that since thoraxians might like it I should help them with their medical situation, not much else that I can think of doing that they'd like. (I might have helped with armada construction if it wasn't bugged to give only 1 influene a month)

43 III Proto 3001
Acutians made a factory outpost. Hmm I guess I'll let them have it for now.

1 I Proto 3002

Only -74 influence now!

Oh a year has passed!
And Acutians got somekind of virus and another manufactoring outpost. Well that won't be my problem.

Also Burlusts think Andors are weaklings.


Racial Power Grid:

save attached

I'll join too.  I can probably do a whole bunch of years, I certainly have the time for it.

I aint as knowledgeable about the solar map stuff, but I do have the advantage of being an unstoppable monster in combat of any sort.


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