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Fact finding mission: Anyone read AAR's


As title implies, is there an audience for an AAR still for this game. I know the audience is small. Difficulty will be "nightmare" on the strategic level, and I would image "hard" for the tactical level.

General I do "harder" for the strategic level but I thought nightmare would be a change of pace. But typing is hard, so I need to gauge whom I am writing for.

I would if I had more time. The problem is that when I visit these forums I'm usually at work and can digest a few short posts at a time. Taking on a huge mega blob of posts from an AAR just doesn't work for me :/

I'd read it! :)

I'd certainly read it.

I had written a whole post but the forum ate it. I will have to rewrite it later.

Sidebar, forum is acting wonky for me. I can't read the whole SR forum. I also can't make a new thread in various places.

I get getting the error "Please try again. If you come back to this error screen, report the error to an administrator."

EDIT: Turns out my post did go through (at least, I deduce that), but I can't access it now.


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