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Descent into Hell: Everything is a Miserable Nightmare (Now with flavor!)

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"None of you understand. I am not locked in here with you. You are locked in with me."

I am not one to believe in reincarnation, but the odds seem to be I have been dealt a bad hand:

As I woke up yet another time in this body of mine, I now find myself in the belly of the beast. The race who so viciously destroyed everything I loved has captured me. My reaction...was not pleasant.

I think I have hit rock bottom this time, so I think I have nothing to lose by playing rough. I know I will think this many times soon.

This world of mine has certainly gave me a vicious blow. Even the breaking of my chains, when all the odds are in my favor, has proven a miserable exercise. It is like even physics hate me: MY mass drivers don't intercept shots, but THEIRS do.

With my ship dripping with the blood of the escape pods I ran over in my firefight, I am able to gaze upon the virgin solar system that I shall wreck in good time:

I see that on the strategic level I am also in deep trouble. Potential allies are weak and despise me, the few who are strong are also those who must die.

There is a lot of work to do.

Beware, for the Intergalactic Garbage Man approacheth!

... as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly buried in toxic sludge

RCI mechanics are broke, but I will redo a game soon that will attempt to even the odds:

As anyone tried a Nightmare / Nightmare game before? Think that will even the odds.

Rewritten, I am going whole hog to see where this will lead me.

Have you ever seen a planet sick? The death knells of a planet doing its best to recover, but being overcome through no fault of its own? I watched it happen. I saw those iconoclast ghosts poison my very world with their continuous probes.

I decided I would return the favor

I then helped these flappy bird like things get space flight. The price was right and they are suicidal livestock. What's not to love? I think they are too stupid to actually be a threat. I just need them to breed. To that end, I provided them "Hydra's patented fertility serum".

I actually stole the serum from the fella I cheated off of many lives ago. The stuff still rocks! Also, I bashed some hippy birds to help keep the societal peace. That was fun.

These introverted pigs then got some space flight. Their world is so awful, I would feel pity if I could. I will let them wither in peace.

I gave the big heads some tech as well. I am accumulating a bit of a stash.

The nightmares...they keep crying out:

"Raiders of 1 flagship have enough troops to wipe out a population of 1 billion!"

They are getting louder.


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