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Hey, guys.

Been loving TLF, looking forward to how it evolves over time. I've decided to record one run, and it just so happens I found myself dealing with a unique problem I had never seen before: Debating whether or not to save a race that really, really hates me, or even if I can.

The first two episodes are here:

I'll try to keep this thread updated as I go along.


With the warlike Burlusts tinkering with their first spacefaring death wagon, are the Evuck's days numbered? Or will our intrepid Hydral be able to stem the tides?

Great vids.

I am really enjoying them. Glad you started on hard mode.

Hey, thanks, man! I appreciate the support, and I'm glad you like them.

In this episode billions of logic circuits all come to the same conclusion, but will the Burlusts throw the Hydral's best-laid plans into disarray?

The Acutians, eternal e-bros to the Burlusts, join the offensive against the Boarines. Meanwhile, the Hydral attempts to secure his dream of a peaceful Federation by blowing up anyone who disagrees. But will sabotage spell the end of him?


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