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Accidental Implosion

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The Hydral has rejoined the galactic stage after a devastating defeat. An opportunity arises: Could the Thoraxians be the distraction he needs to keep the Boarines secure?

Horrified to see his own Federation's gold stars on the lapels of every oppressor in the galaxy, the Hydral is faced with an awful choice: Does he allow the Boarines to be exterminated, or undermine the very thing he fought so hard to create?

The dream of a united solar system has never been closer, but something ominous looms. Will the Hydral realize in time that more allies simply means fewer choices for conquest?

With the Boarine stubbornly refusing to even discuss the option of Solar Unity even as their entire race is threatened with extinction, the Hydral devotes his entire resources to keeping them alive. But in this final chapter, will it be enough?


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