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Its getting kinda late here PST. I was looking forward to trying this out tonight, is the original 15th release date still going to be met?

My estimate is in about 30-60 minutes, it will be out.  We're cutting it close, but we will be on the 15th PST.  Sorry for the wait -- it will be worth it!

everyone hold him to his word. ;)

We're doing what we can. :) The amount of work that's gone into this, particularly over the last few days, to get this all together for today is pretty staggering. I'm quite happy with how it's turned out and hope it'll be up very soon for you guys to try out. :)

Okay -- it's out.  The store link is here, and we've majorly expanded the online info section, including putting up the download links for windows and mac.

I still need to put up the official post about it, but wanted to let you guys know asap since you were waiting on it.


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