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Where my Tidalis?

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awesome! downloading now ;D

Enjoy! :)

Thanks so much!

edit: ack, no network play! nooooo!!!

perhaps you know about when it will be implemented? 1 week? 1 month?

Someone was impatient ;)

Very interested, it's crawling down my internet connection as we speak, and then I'll install, fire it up and start bug hunting and having fun (as much as i can with the demo anyway)!

Our goal is to have all of the features implemented in about a month and a half -- as to when specific features will be coming online, I can't say for sure.  I had wanted to have network play in for the start of beta, but with our switch to Unity that meant a whole new networking model and networking stack, so in order to implement networking I'm going to have to learn their stuff as well as actually doing the implementation.  I've done a lot of prep work for that already, and it looks like it will be something I can get done in the next two or so weeks, but it just depends on the overall schedule -- we're constantly adjusting and re-prioritizing to make sure that we get the entire project done in as timely a fashion as possible!


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