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Version 0.404


This release is now out!

-Five more levels have been added to adventure mode. This makes 29 total.

-The block styles dropdown in the settings menu now includes all seven of the block colors for each blocks style, rather than just the gray/teal version.  This makes it vastly easier for colorblind players to find a set that works for them when looking at the various block styles next to each other.

-A new game mode has been added: Featherweight.  Same as Normal mode, except gravity is much lower, and streams tend to float upwards.  Prepare to bend your mind.

-Two more map segments for the main adventure map have now been added by Phil.

-A new special block has been added: Magnet (Repulsor). Pushes nearby streams away from itself. Can only be destroyed by dropping out of the bottom of the well.

-A new special block has been added: Magnet (Attractor). Pulls nearby streams toward itself.Can only be destroyed by dropping out of the bottom of the well.

I like the new update; they are coming rapid succession now :)

The featherweight mode is even crazier than the graviton, a quick game in featherweight and with a couple of magnets can be very hard to predict :P

However, I think the force of gravity (or anti-gravity) is too strong in featherweight. It seems to have been increased from the strength in graviton. In graviton it is possible to send a stream upward one step to the block above the sender block, the opposite it however not possible in featherweight i.e. sending a stream downwards to the block directly below; My suggestion is to lower the strength of anti-gravity in featherweight to that of graviton, so this is made possible.

Glad you like it. :)

And yep, the strength of inverse gravity in featherweight is more than that of graviton. My thought was that it is not that intersting to have two modes that are that similar as it and graviton will be. It makes options more limited in featherweight, true, but the differentiation from graviton seems worthwhile to me. Will be interested in seeing what others think in general before we make a change there, but those are my thoughts at the moment. :)


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