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This version has now been released.

- restart no longer prompts for confirmation if the player has already lost

- fixed bug on QuickGame and CustomGame (and sometimes on LevelProperties) where tooltips for GameStyles in the GameStyle dropdowns was drawing under the dropdown

- tooltip window now no longer draws if the tooltip text is all whitespace (like the puzzle game style tooltip)

- added Key-rebinding UI under Settings menu.  Still more improvements to be made, but this should be mostly functional.

added Disable Auto Marking toggle to game settings (still in testing for proper logic)

-The "Show window toolbar" settings option has been removed.  That was actually something that was SlimDX-specific, and that we can't control in Unity 3D.

-There is now a new "Use In-Game Resolution Settings" checkbox in the settings menu.  When checked, the game will listen to the screen resolution that you choose on this page.  When unchecked, it will use whatever screen resolution is configured directly through Unity.  To configure a screen resolution on startup, hold the Shift key (on Windows) or the Option key (on OSX) while clicking to open the game.  This provides a workaround for a bug in the current version of Unity for OSX.

This may seem like a dumb question, but Tidalis isn't letting me update anymore. I held off for a while when i got word that the update was broken, but now i want to go and update but the button isn't there in the bottom right.


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