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Tidalis Official 1.500: Linux Support!

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Oh you bet, I will be the first to let you know.  He and Zack and I (Zack Cataldo who worked with me on level design on Shattered Haven) are all very old friends, back to the 90s.  We keep in touch, and all have our various gaming projects.  We were all hobbyist until I started Arcen.

I'm very happy to see you get a last update to Tidalis and get a Linux port of it and drop the license key requirement. Not that it super-bothered me to deal with your license keys, one less step to playing fun games is always a win in my books =).

Tidalis is one of my favorite puzzle games I've ever played and I have no doubt I'll come back to it sometime soon. It's the only puzzle game I ever come back to, most others are just too....1-dimensional for my tastes.

if the no-keys thing continue, then how will AI War's one work? it has like, 6 keys. (And also Vengeance of the Machine With No Key) :)

On Steam, I believe that you currently already only have to enter the key for the base game now, even though there are 5 (base game plus first 4 expansions).  The 5th and 6th expansions never had keys.  I'm not sure if the "you only have to enter the key for the base game" thing applies on steam only on the latest beta, or also on the current official.

At any rate, after the next official comes out, then we'll do a retrofit of the Steam AI War stuff in terms of no keys just like the rest, and come up with a drm-free build just like the rest, too.  But as with Tidalis, you'll still be able to use any license keys you do happen to have on any demos that are publicly out there.

I like this game! thank you for this detailed description of how to install it on Linux, it is very useful!


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