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I read in some of the other topics that one of the developers said that levels has frequent peaks in terms of difficulty.

I experienced that. But still, it was manageable until the last stages. While there were some levels where you cant develop a perfect strategy in every start, you can spam restart button to get a good start to that level, which I also think that not acceptable even for a casual game, let alone a mindbreaking puzzle.

But at the last stages, game forces you to be fast. That is given. And I dont have any problems with that, since you develop some skills until you came to >level 100. And they had all hard requirements, and I am okay with that as well. But for me, levels 107 and 114 seem impossible. They have hard conditions and they have basically 2-3 seconds for each move. One misclick will cost you the game.

Since you can skip levels, I finished the game. But I cant check how the others did in these levels, so I wanted to ask here. I am not looking for tips to beat those levels, I think if they are really doable experiencing that is part of the fun :) I wrote this just for asking whether somebody agrees that there are some weird peaks in the journey for you as well. Or in another words, is being able to finish all levels is common?

Other than this report, I want to suggest something. I know this game is finsihed etc, but for me, in levels with higher block drops, streams should move faster. Everything is faster except the streams, and I dont think it is a good thing having one of the mechanisms dont suit the rest. I should not be waiting for some streams to end that much, especially level type is not frenzy.

EDIT: I passed level 107, with a strategy that is similar to cheating. In level 107, condition requires every combo should have 3 or more depth. But if you start a new succesful stream with no interval between last combo and the new one, game basically counts the new stream as a continuation of the former combo, and if you can start 3 streams right after another, you can pass the level like this, even though there is no 3 depth combos, only 3 1 level streams.

EDIT2: I also passed Level 114. My strategy was the following:
- Open the settings, and turn on between color rotating.
- Make a 12 stream right at the start.
- If you cant, restart.

Even then, my winning was based on pure luck. The second 12-chain was no way related to my actions, and I was lucky to get many reds for my 3rd chain.

This game was really a mind based game, but especially for 114, it was just spamming restart button until getting lucky.
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