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Hey peeps

Can you let me know how long it took you to reach the "To The Moon" achievement if you've got it? I have played mine according to the achievement guide and let it run for 8 hours and it still didn't acknowledge it. I was well disappointed. I couldn't get the "High Orbit" achievement on those hours either so either I'm doing something wrong or I'm not leaving it running long enough. I did manage to get the 500 in a single chain achievement though :)

Thanks for any help

That one needs to run for a *long* time; I recall reading that it was taking people more like 60 hours to get, and I haven't even gotten it, myself. I saw an interesting design for trying to keep the chain going where someone lined the bottom of a 12x12 grid with quad repeaters and golden apples to keep the quad repeaters from falling through. Then, he put a few energizers on top of the quad repeaters so that some upward streams would go very far. The mode was zen frenzy speed-up, I think. That's the design I had the most luck with.

I want to say that it took 3-4 days for me to get the achievement.  I know I went through several board setups before I finally found one that didn't fail overnight.  What Fiskbit is suggesting sounds very similar to what I used, but I can't fully recall.

This reminds me, I need to get the rest of the story achievements.  I have all of the gameplay related ones, but only about half of the ones for the story.  A level finally frustrated me to the point that I put it on hold and later forgot about it.  I was more into the Custom Games. 

Steam reports 122 hours on this one, only about half of which was idling for achievements.  I more than got my money's worth out of this one!  I still hope that it somehow becomes a huge hit and gets the recognition it finally deserves.  It's by far the best puzzle game I've ever had the great pleasure of playing.

You know what?  A few rounds before bed sounds like a good idea...

OH NO! My save is gone!  :'(  Probably wouldn't hurt to start over, anyway.  It's been so long, I'm sure I've forgotten the story and certain nuances of the gameplay.

I've been running the game overnight and it's been on for just under 13 and a half hours and I ran it for 9 yesterday. I'm getting closer and tried different things but I've managed to make a board that keeps it running continuously until I stop it myself. It's exciting but frustrating at the same time, lol but I'm determined to get this achievement even if it kills me  ;D

Thanks for the post and ideas, appreciate it  :)


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