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Technical differences from AI Wars, and Linux support?

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How does this game differ from AI Wars in dependencies?  I know AI Wars wouldn't work in linux due to problem with the .net framework and -- whatever that other dependency was.

What are you thoughts about this game and Linux support?

AI War and Tidalis are on totally different engines.

AI War runs on our custom SlimDX/.NET engine, which is limited to Windows or emulations thereof.

Tidalis runs on the Unity 3D engine, which allows us to create both Windows and Mac builds (it also allows extension onto the iPhone and the Wii, and later versions will support the Android, the PS3, and the XBox360; but all those have additional fees involved).

The Unity team has been asked quite a bit for Linux support, but I don't think they have any plans for it at this point.

We'll be attempting a port of AI War to the Unity engine later this year, perhaps July.

To add to that, Tidalis has literally no external prerequisites. The Unity stuff is all self-contained. It also works with dx or OpenGL. So you may have much better luck with tidalis in WINE, but we have not tested this yet. You could also try the osx version in Linux, since that is more unix-like, but I imagine there are gotchas there, too.


--- Quote from: x4000 on May 01, 2010, 01:26:23 pm ---To add to that, Tidalis has literally no external prerequisites.

--- End quote ---
Yea, you can just copy the files to your computer, double-click the executable, and it runs.  All the installer does is unpack the compressed package and copy it to the usual location, if I understand it correctly.

Windows version worked in wine.  I don't have windows on this computer so I can't compare performance but it was pretty painless.


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