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Technical differences from AI Wars, and Linux support?

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Cool, glad to know it works, albeit emulated :)


I tried using the OSX binaries, but I'm not really sure how they work.  It would complain every time I attempted to execute them.

Any advice?  I know OSX is Unix based so I was hoping they might be more Linux friendly than the Windows binaries running in wine.

My guess is that the Operating-System calls in the OSX binary cannot execute on a normal Linux OS.  Just a guess, though.

To be honest, we're not OSX experts, either.  What we're providing is a "universal binary," though, which is a package that will run on either Intel or PPC Macs, all packaged up in one thing.  You probably want to just run the Intel part, somewhere in the .app folder.  But I am not an expert on that format.


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