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Title: Small Point of Praise
Post by: CautiousChaos on August 10, 2010, 10:54:02 PM
For all that worked on Tidalis...

I'm a fan of match-3 titles.  I gravitate towards frenetic titles.  When a title offers "puzzle" mode, I tend not to bother.  Just not something that I wholesale enjoy.  When I learned that the story mode had a lot of puzzle levels, I kind of put Tidalis off to the side.  When it went v1.0 I picked it up again and played a few of those puzzle levels.  I'm well into the 3-n's at this point. 

Gotta say that I really have enjoyed going through those puzzle levels.  No matter how challenging, I still want to get through them.  I like the dynamic of being able to try your solutions until you get it right without penalty.  I like the congratulatory music, too!  You implemented that very, very well.

And no less impressive are the frenetic levels - I'm into the 50's and have not seen one repetitive level.  All have been fun.  I don't know how, but every single one has been interesting. 

Good job folks...
Title: Re: Small Point of Praise
Post by: x4000 on August 11, 2010, 10:30:03 AM
Thanks, CC!  The level/puzzle construction is all thanks to Lars Bull, and I'm amazed at what he was able to do there, too.  You're much further along the path with the puzzles than I am, though, heh!