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Purpose of collectibles *SPOILERS*

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(OCD here.  Are there any other embedded secrets in the adventure mode that I can collect even more of these fantastic objects from, beyond the puzzles?  I MUST CATCH THEM ALL.


I agree completely. I cannot stand Achievements (Unless of course they're a goal for something, like unlocks or whatever) and the people that live for them. Especially the XBLA people that whore out their gamerscore. The game should be fun and challenging in itself. To me adding achievements is just another cop out for making your game harder and take longer to complete.

On a side note, I think you should add to the joke by having a display for your "Collectibles" and possibly even Achievements for them in Steam and whatnot. Or you could really bring the joke on and put in Twitter integration for when you hit certain numbers of said Collectibles :P

Since I had no where better to put this:

I finished the campaign of Tidalis and all I got was a lousy pun.

I groaned out loud at the punch line. You did a good job on it, didn't see it coming, but man did I groan at that one.

Didn't quite finish the campaign, I did skip a few levels, but I got most of them done. I'll finish the rest of them later :). Great story though, I did enjoy it.



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