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I gotta say, This game is great. It's really fun, very good even in beta, and with any luck it will be the next Bejeweled! It's also got great little touches like right clicking dimming out other color blocks (by far better than mentally tuning into a color I'm looking for), and promises to be one of my best puzzle acquisitions for a long time to come.

Feel free to quote me on this X, and to others, let's keep the praise in one thread so as not to skew the new forum's content (or something) :)

Thanks, RCIX!  I've stickied this topic, as you were essentially suggesting.  And I've also added your comment to the Press and Player Reactions page.  As others comment, if they're willing I will include some of those there, too.  Bear in mind that I'm not soliciting fake praise, all. 

I won't be able to use all quotes on the main press page simply because 1) often I don't have time to update the site real frequently when we're in the middle of a beta, and more importantly, 2) typically I try to keep the press page from getting too ridiculously long, which means that I'll skip some quotes that are touching on points that I feel have already been adequately covered on that press page.  It's never anything personal -- and, even if your quote is repetitive, we really appreciate any comments you care to leave in this thread, since people will be looking at this as much as the press page, over time, I'm sure!

Makes sense! :)

The 9th Sage:
I might as well join in...Lars got me playing the game the other night, and it's really pretty awesome, I have to say.  Very addicting, like the better puzzle games seem to be.  The game mechanics (what with the spark and the arrowed blocks) is pretty interesting.  I know I have something good when I accidentally play it for several hours straight. :P

Thanks for the quote, The 9th Sage!  That last line makes a great addition for the player quotes section. :)  Glad you're enjoying it!


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