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I just got it the other day. I find myself becoming distracted by the music instead of playing far too often for my liking.

The music is indeed absolutely awesome.

This is by far the best game I've ever played and one that I've wanted to see through to the end so thanks so much for making this lady very happy  :D Keep up the good work and am grateful for giving Tidalis the chance  :)

I normally can't stand playing match 3 games for more than a few minutes.

I can only imagine how many times you've heard that opener, but there it is. This game is stupidly more varied and interesting to play than pretty much any other uninspired quote-unquote puzzle game I've tried before. And it manages this with the simplest of rules, all introduced through clear tutorials or at an engaging pace through the impressive adventure mode. Then throws in a generous helping of brainteasers to cleverly demonstrate and familiarise the advanced tricks in a focused, calmer environment. I mean, insomuch as any part of the game can be considered less than perfectly calm given the delightful graphics and wonderfully relaxing audio.

In conclusion, to heck with my opening statement and I am somewhat surprised that I haven't sneakily taken a break from writing this post to play a few minutes of Tidalis. By the way, did anyone ever finish any new adventures using the editor? Because if not, I volunteer to (probably) design some sort of remix campaign once I (eventually) finish the standard adventure.

I'm really glad to read that people are still coming across this game and enjoying it so much. Thanks for the posts!

To my knowledge, no one outside of Arcen ever used the editors for more than a handful of puzzles (we got a few around the time the game released) and to help get achievements (one achievement actually requires a custom puzzle). These are the same editors we used to make the game, so they're fully-featured. If you make a new adventure, I'd love to play through it!


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