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Name of the song in the underwater level?


When playing the underwater levels I fell in love with that song. When the humble bundle with the tidalis soundtrack appeared I immediately bought it hoping that the song would be there. But in reality every other song is there except that one. I remember listening to the preview in iTunes but now its gone. Do you know what is the name of the song? where can I buy it? I cant seem to find the name and its driving me mad. I ask anyone for their kind help in advance.

I don't know about in the soundtrack, but you can find the .ogg music files for each of the graphical themes in Tidalis's installation folder. For example, ...\Tidalis\RuntimeData\Themes\River\Music.ogg

YOU! YOU!! You have just given me peace of mind. <3


I wasn't crazy, that music really existed. As to why it isn't in the soundtrack I don't know. Now the only thing left is to know the name but I can wait for that.

Again thank you so much.


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