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Title: Level 92 Help!
Post by: Balthier on August 04, 2010, 04:57:03 PM
Hm... I don't quite understand how to win this level.

It says something like Make 1 combo >= 0. Does this means that doing nothing would let me win this level (zero combo!)?  ;D
I tried arranging the red blocks so they don't match, but eventually I get some matches and I loose. Also, I don't really really get the goal, as I seem to get over 14 combos or something and the level nevers ends.

Title: Re: Level 92 Help!
Post by: x4000 on August 04, 2010, 05:08:23 PM
Yeah, this is a tricky one.  I didn't design the level, and actually I have yet to win it, but I think this is how it works:

Basically, when you start out that level, the emission statues start the first combos, and then things are falling like crazy.  But those don't count as a combo I don't think, because you didn't start them (maybe I'm wrong on that).

At any rate, the problem is that a combo isn't scored and counted until it FINISHES, and in this level that's the challenge -- they just keep going higher and higher.  So your job is to stop the combo, so that it actually scores it, which is unusual to say the least.  Meanwhile, if you don't manage to stop it before 20 red blocks are cleared, you lose.

Hope that helps!
Title: Re: Level 92 Help!
Post by: dumpsterKEEPER on August 04, 2010, 05:14:15 PM
I had to stop and think about this one for a moment myself. What I ended up doing was firing a quick 3 block chain before the emission statues activated. As long as you do it fast enough, you'll win the level before the madness starts :)
Title: Re: Level 92 Help!
Post by: keith.lamothe on August 04, 2010, 05:19:27 PM
That's a pretty brutal board, yea, but there's actually a really easy way to win it:  clear a three-chain towards the top so only 3 blocks fall in and the emission statues don't get a chance to fire before the combo is counted and you can take the money and run (see attached for one block that works as the initial emit) :)

Of course, now we'll probably have to close that little loop hole, probably by adding a score or number-of-blocks-cleared win objective.

Edit: ah, I have been ninja'd ;)
Title: Re: Level 92 Help!
Post by: Balthier on August 04, 2010, 06:06:56 PM
Thank you guys!! That will sure help me now.

Yeah, I kinda thought that I would have to wait for the combo to stop before it was counted as a combo. Still, it's quite intriguing as it says >=0 (since with zero combos is how you start the level!). Maybe it should be >=1?
Title: Re: Level 92 Help!
Post by: Balthier on August 04, 2010, 06:14:52 PM
Okay, so I downloaded the new version (1.003) and tried the quick "ninja" method to beat the level, as surprisingly it gave me the "You Lose" screen a few times, even before the red blocks showing up. What I did for it to happen was try to click like crazy on the top blocks.
Well, after a few minutes, I analized the screen and clicked on a single block and it worked, only 5 blocks were cleared and I won the level!

Title: Re: Level 92 Help!
Post by: keith.lamothe on August 04, 2010, 08:06:58 PM
Glad we could be of help ;)

The reason you lost would probably be that the level has a "move limit" of 1, meaning that once you make a move if the board isn't in a win state when everything's settled, you lose.  Based on this and some other feedback I think it would be good if we had the loss-objectives box mention "Run Out Of Moves" when there is a move limit.

On the descriptive text, when I looked it said "Make 1 Combo of >= 0 blocks", which just means "Make 1 Combo".