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I am stuck in level 116 and tried so many different combinations to get rid of the turnips with no joy at all. I'm getting soooo frustrated, lol. Has anyone else had this trouble and if so, any ideas in how to combat it? Any help at this stage would be greatly appreciated. I am determined to complete this game  :D

For this one, I start at the bottom left and try to set it up to make small chains of 3 or 4 blocks. There's not much room for waste here, so you want those chains to mostly consist of blocks that are touching turnips. I make the final block of each chain point down toward the turnips to make sure it ends in a controllable way, and because of the way I'm chipping at the mound of turnips, all of my chains wind up having the stream go up, right, and then down.

Good luck, and if you need more help, I can try to be more specific!

Thank you so much for your reply and your help and I'll have a bash at that now  :)

I'm still struggling miserably  :( I have tried to do smaller chains like you said but it's that one that's left over every time. Grrr, lol. I'm sure I will do it eventually but it's really hard

In my solution (there are others, but it's the one I found when I made the puzzle), every single chain has the stream go up, right, and then down. The up part goes from the bottom block of the stack of greens all the way to the top. Then, it goes one block to the right. Finally, it goes all the way down to the bottom of the stack. The blocks above the ones that were aiming downward will be aimed upward to repeat the pattern for the next chain. When a chain clears, it will also adjust the next stack of blocks downward, but because the bottom block is pointing down, that block won't cause any harm. That adjustment does make it hard to visualize which blocks need to point up and which need to point down, but some trial and error should hopefully clear things up.

I can post a picture if this explanation is still too abstract. Good luck!


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