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how to introduce to other people?


like ai war is so much better than other rts games, tidalis is going to be too, but when they say "it's just like bejeweled"( sorry didn't fill them in that much) how should i tell them how awesome it's gonna be?

Well, we're still working on our "elevator pitch," so to speak.  But the main (brief) points that we generally try to convey are:

1. It's about as similar to Bejeweled as Bejeweled is to Tetris.
2. This is one of the more original block-based puzzle mechanics to come along since Bejeweled.
3. It's ridiculously fun, and will be packed with content and modes like you wouldn't believe, including versus support and full co-op throughout the game.

Generally less is more with this sort of thing, so I think that's pretty much the salient points, though there's a lot more that could be said.  Good question!


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