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Gratuitous Tank Battles Out Now (Also New Arcen Press)
« on: May 17, 2012, 07:42:52 PM »
Originally posted:

Our good friend Cliff Harris of Positech has officially released his latest title, Gratuitous Tank Battles.

The game looks (and is) fantastic already, plus he's aiming to provide a goodly amount of post-launch support for the title; with mod support first up on his list. You can purchase GTB now through Positech directly, on Steam, Gamersgate, or Impulse/GameStop.

On the Arcen front we have several new coverage pieces for Valley to pass along. Interviews, reviews, videos, and even some press showing up for our earlier titles.

G4 -- A Valley Without Wind Interview: That Indie Column

IndieGameReviewer -- Review: A Valley Without Wind – A Procedurally Generated Genre-Mashing Platformer

The Indie Mine -- A Valley Without Wind Review

GroovyGamer -- A Valley Without Wind Revew (PC)

Giant Bomb -- Quick Look: A Valley Without Wind

Eurogamer -- A Valley Without Wind Review -- Let's Play A Valley Without Wind (Three Parts)

SnackbarGames -- A Valley Without Wind: A world of fighting and foraging

Comics and Gaming Magazine -- A Valley Without Wind (PC Game Reviews)

LordKaT -- Indie Game of the Week - A Valley Without Wind

Gaming in Public -- A Valley Without Wind

The Whitest of Rice -- A Valley Without Wind

Absolute Games -- Review of A Valley Without Wind (Russian)

PrisonTV -- Max Plays : A Valley Without Wind

XxPhoenix147xX -- Discovery: A Valley Without Wind (French)

Fyoucon -- Let's Disasterly Play: AI War: Fleet Command MP Episode 1 | Let's go!

lpsn -- Podcast Featuring Tidalis (French)


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