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Hello everyone, I recently purchased a program called Gestureworks Gameplay for my Windows 8 tablet that allows you to map touch screen controls for non-touch games and I wouldn't recommend it at this point. it is a bit buggy, and a bit expensive at $15.  For anyone that does have the program I've made a profile for Tidalis that allows you to play it without a mouse or keyboard.  It is a bit hit or miss on my T100 and it is using a drag=right-click for changing tile direction which isn't perfect and often requires me to lead the tile I'm shooting for by a centimeter or two but for anyone interested you can find the profile at the Gestureworks Gameplay website.  If anyone else has the program and is interested I'm planning on doing one for Bionic Dues and possibly other Arcen games so any interested parties let me know and I'll speed it up!

Make a profile for AI War, then you'll have my respect :D


--- Quote from: Wingflier on January 13, 2014, 12:02:59 pm ---Make a profile for AI War, then you'll have my respect :D

--- End quote ---

You know I kind of want to just to see how ridiculous the whole thing would look with a hundred buttons pasted over the screen!  As for touch screen gaming though, there is something really cool about being able to pinch to zoom or drag across the screen to select units.  It isn't as accurate as the keyboard and trackpad which I leave docked at all times on my device but it gives off this future war room vibe.  I actually played a whole game of Total Annihilation using touch screen but I needed the keyboard to hit TAB and exit :) (and sadly Gestureworks only supports DX9 or higher meaning I can't just map a touch button to it).

You could probably play AI War with two tablets, if it could work like that. :P One covered in buttons and the other showing the game.

I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to say that a lot more is possible with the version 2 of the GestureWorks Gameplay utility that was just released yesterday. There's an option for making an Android device into a controller, and it's overall a lot more stable and functional.


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