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Forums sunsetting - please visit us on discord!


These forums were the mainstay of Arcen's community for pretty much a decade.  When I first heard about discord, I didn't like the format.  Then people eventually got me to move there, and pretty much all activity has moved there.  These forums are old and dusty, and nobody really comes here anymore.

Well, we do have tens of thousands of views a month, but nobody posts, so I am guessing that is a combination of bots/crawlers and people finding answers to old qusetions.  We don't plan on taking down the forums, because of the fact that they are such a great archival tool, but we also don't want to chase spammers endlessly here, or have people mistakenly arrive at this location and wonder why the community is a ghost town. 

The community is thriving!  It's just here now:

Edit: you may need to use this invite link:


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