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Can you solve this?


I just made this puzzle for the game (it'll be in the Levels For Tidalis Main Story folder in the next release) and am wondering if anyone can manage to solve it. It uses an interesting trick I figured out earlier that I intend to expand upon in more puzzles. You might be able to solve it some other way -- I'm really not sure. But, I think that would probably complicate things, if it's even possible.

Anyway, feedback is welcome, and I hope people can manage to figure it out! I'm interested in hearing about whatever solutions people come up with (a picture with a starting point and the arrows already set up would be really great, if you're up for that).

Good luck! :)

Clever!  It got me thinking about a puzzle I've been meaning to make, too...damn work schedule eating my valuable Tidalis time.

You solved it a lot more effortlessly than I had hoped (as described over I'm). It makes me think I should make this harder. ;) I definitely intend to reuse the trick for this puzzle in more interesting ways in other puzzles.

Took me awhile because for some reason when i initially tried, the teal stream failed to hit the falling block. I abandoned that idea, as it seamed too obvious and tried a bunch of other ways. Eventually i tried again at the first way i saw and it worked the that time around.

Good puzzle but I'm just curious where this trickery is in the puzzle. It seemed pretty straight forward to me.

Here is my solution, starting on the highlighted block. I'm assuming its the intended solution.

The trickery is at the bottom of the puzzle, with those red and green blocks. The cyan blocks can only be cleared if they fall at roughly the same time, so the trick is getting the chains that hold those blocks up to end simultaneously. There's a lot more I can do with this idea of having things clear at precise moments to make time-sensitive things happen. At the moment, I can only think of one other puzzle with time sensitivity like this one, and that doesn't have this same idea of trying to time two events in the same way as this one (that one is more "How can I get this one chain to end as early as possible so this other one can happen?").

At one point while making this puzzle, I had the streams have to do some crazy criss-crossing and overlapping, but that was lost at one point for some reason or another. I'll definitely be fiddling around with it more in the future, though. :)


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