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Can anyone help me?


I am playing Tidalis and thoroughly enjoying it but I've come to a level where I come up against walls and I have no idea how to work round them or get rid of them. Any ideas? I am completely stuck and there's nothing useful in the game which I can understand. I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you  :)

What level?

Level 69 and level 80

For level 69, you need to make matches of the limegreen shatter block next to a brown stonewall block. It will then appear as a selectable item on the top right of the board. You can drag and drop every broken block from that area onto the game board itself. So you take the broken brown stonewall block and you drag it below the solid wall at the bottom. It will fall, and you will get to 5 quickly.

For level 80, you need to do the same thing and try to connect 1 sun and send it through those gray arrow blocks. If you do that next to the limegreen shatter block, the sun blocks will appear on that selectable top right area again. You can then drag those blocks and alternate sun-moon-sun-moon and so on in one big snake and clear the board on the bottom.

Thank you so much for the help Cyborg. I really appreciate it. I will attempt to try that now  :)


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