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Tidalis in German !?


Hi everyone

I have one big question about the Steam Tidalis.....I'm a big Steam Fan with over 200 Games Purchased but sometimes its impossible for me to gift a game to my girlfriend becouse its just in ENGLISH...

so after a few googlingSites i found a german version of Tidalis (it was an stolen, illegal Version...and that helps nobody -.-)...BUT the Steam Version says, and the Demo is...only in English.

so my Question there a way to have the Steam version in German?....can you send me a German Lang file?

Update....i bought the english Version, AND found the German language File, I'm not sure why the game takes the German Files for all the ingameText, cause i found no setting/regvalue to yust works if you put the German trans files into the write Place....

But the Question stays......some folks on Steam discuss about Localisation errors...i cant find a German Version, why is the Steam Version only in English?...AND most important, is it ok for you if i tell the people at Steam Forums ( and here ) how to turn the Game into German?...that will surely increase Sales ;)..but its up to you

thx and greetz


Welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately, we don't own the distribution rights to the German version of Tidalis, so I can't help you there.  Those rights are owned by Headup Games, which primarily sells Tidalis at retail in Germany.  So there's not really much that we can do one way or the other, because they have it as basically a separate product.

Wish there was better news!


Hi again

well better some news than no news :)

than i try to contact Headup Games on that ...

but one question still stays....IF these are different Games, why does someone called FISKBIT from Arcen reply at Steam Forum about the Missing Localisation in Level 42?

--- Quote ---Whoops, that must have crept in during the German localization of the game. Sorry about that!

 I've submitted this to our bug tracking system, MantisBT ( I suspect it will be fixed in the next version.

 Thanks for the report!
--- End quote ---

Thx so far, i stay tunes

They are the exact same game, but in terms of how they are sold they are two different products.  Headup does not get any money from any non-German copies of the game that are sold, but they get money from the German version, etc.  Thus if you buy it on Steam and then want it in German, they aren't going to be too happy on that because that means they did not get anything for the German localization work they did.  I hope that makes sense.

In terms of the localization error you mention there, that's an error in the English version.


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