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Steam Achievement issue when going from demo to full game

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Just wanted to say that any achievements awarded while playing the Tidalis demo are not awarded once purchasing the game. Any way a patch can be done to check earned achievements shown in the game and notify Steam to update and unlock them?

In-game I'm showing I have 31 achievements (I played the demo quite a bit, the tri-graviton-zen level was too much fun), while Steam is only showing that I have 6.

Thanks for your time!

Errr, nevermind? I quit, then when I played another game just now it unlocked everything I was missing. o_O

It should unlock everything that was local-only on Steam when you restart the game, but depending on how busy Steam is at the time that might not always happen instantly.  But, it should definitely sync that stuff across (which is unusual for Steam demos, we might add), so glad that worked out as expected for you by the end there!  Thanks very much for your support! :)

I'm having the same issue - I played the demo, uninstalled it, and later bought the game.  I've started the game a few times.

If I press shift-tab to bring up the overlay, it says I have 14 achievements (most recent - 'Victory!') .  but looking at the list of them, I only have 'Block Sweeper Mk III', which I earned in the full game (but almost certainly the total of 1000 blocks included demo play).

Most likely it will straighten itself out as you start the game again, when it tries to resubmit all of them.  If it doesn't, let us know!


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