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Steam Achievement issue when going from demo to full game

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still no change.  the first time I started the game today, I noticed some of the messages in the upper left seemed to be relating to the missing achievements - restarting a few more times to try to get a screenshot, they didn't appear again.

Are you playing on OSX or Windows, out of curiosity?

Also, it sounds like you are definitely able to bring up the Shift+TAB overlay, so clearly you did launch this through Steam and all that, right?  And Steam isn't in offline mode.

You might want to try deleting all your Tidalis game files except your runtimedata/save folder and your runtimedata/settings.dat file, then let Steam reinstall the game.  Maybe Steam somehow thinks it is still in demo mode or something since the game was not re-downloaded.  I don't really have any insight into that sort of thing, as it's all internal to Valve, but it's curious that the few rare reports of this are all people who played the Steam demo and then bought the game.

Hope that helps!

playing on windows 7-64

yes, definitely signed in to steam and not offline.  Tidalis does report 'steam user: arcee' or similar in the upper left as I start.

tried deleting the files and redownloading.  No change, I didn't even get the list of achievements on startup again.

One thing: I didn't upgrade the demo to full directly.  I deleted the demo (from steam) a while before I got the full game.

If the files were deleted off your hard drive then the game won't know whether you have earned achievement x or not, so won't trigger them up.

Have you tried replaying those early levels to re-trigger them?

Hmm, that is super, super odd.  Generally with that sort of delayed achievement it's just a matter of there being congestion on the Steam servers or similar, then.  Usually it just magically starts working after a while, but why it does is anybody's guess.  I wish I had something more helpful/insightful, but that's all I have at the moment!  :-\


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