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Resolution problem, White screen with black borders.


Hi there,

I'm having some trouble with launching the game. I launch it through steam (purchased through steam as well). When the game starts the screen goes all white with black borders around it.

The first time I launched the game it asked me for my preferred resolution and I fiddled around with different settings when the game suddenly crashed. Every time I launch the game since it goes white. I have tried to delete the game files through steam and redownload it with no success. I have also tried to launch the game holding down the shift key and changing resolution that way. When I do that the game launches yet seems to revert to the old resolution settings and display the same white box with black borders.

I have a 19" samsung monitor and a ATI 4850 graphics card.

Would really appreciate any help,


It sounds like the game got forced into a resolution that isn't supported or something along those lines.  If you look in the steam folder for the game (under common in your steam folder, then Tidalis), you will see a RuntimeData folder.  There will be a settings.dat and settings.bak file there, and those (intentionally) aren't reset when Steam refreshes all the game files.  Those have your settings preferences, your resolution preferences, high scores, license key, and all that.  If you delete them, or rename them to settings2.dat and settings2.bak, then things should revert to a "fresh" copy so that you could get it set to a resolution that works with your specific monitor.

Hope that helps!  And let us know if you have any more trouble with that, of course,

That fixed the problem alright.

Thanks a million!

Wonderful!  My pleasure!


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