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Mac: black screen, then crash

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Good morning! I just purchased Tidalis through Green Man Gaming. Installed it via Steam on my mid-2011 iMac running OS 10.10.3. Tried to launch it last night (for the first time): it launched, a windowed black screen came up, automatically went to full screen (still all black), paused, and crashed. Tried about 3 times, all with the same result. The error report attached (too large to paste in) was generated. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Tried again last night and got a bit further in, but not much, lulz. My face was pretty much matching that of the parrot.

Bump.  Someone should really help this fellow out.  He is missing out on an excellent game.

Dominus Arbitrationis:
Disclaimer: I haven't worked on Tidalis, only played it, so I know about as much as any user.

You had the exception of EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGABRT), which sounds like you don't have a file, or its corrupted. So try reinstalling it first. If that doesn't fix it, try making sure that the file permissions are set to allow the game to do whatever they need to with them (Try 755 then 777).

Thank you, Castruccio. That was a very thoughtful comment.

Dominus: Ok, I will try to reinstall, and "repair permissions," a typical Mac troubleshooting step, which I have neglected to do thus far. But if that doesn't work, how (and what?) do I change to 755 or 777?


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