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Literally Stuck in Tidalis Adventure Mode


I started a new adventure campaign and at the 3rd stage, regardless of the amount of clicking I could not play it.

I created another adventure campaign and at the 9th stage I could not select it. Alt-tabbing seemed to help or it might have been switching from full screen to windowed (I'll try and repeat the steps if a stage becomes un-selectable again).

I found someone in the steam forum with the same problem.

"In adventure mode, i can't click on the fourth level..." "And i'm stuck...Anyone can help with this bug?"

This happens when you use alt-tab or shift-tab to go out of the game or bring up the Steam interface -- simply tapping alt or shift will make the problem go away.  For a whole lot more details, let me refer you here:

It's an unfortunate challenge with the Unity 3D engine, but we hope to make it at least more obvious what's going on in an upcoming update to Tidalis.  Thanks for your support!


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