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Known Issue: Kapersky PDM.Keylogger warning


I'm not sure if this happens in current versions of Kapersky, but in some relatively recent ones the proactive warning component will indicate any of a large number of games (including Tidalis) as being similar in behavior to PDM.Keylogger.  There are tons and tons of threads on various forums across the internet of people freaking out because of this warning and being told (by Kapersky staff and fellow customers) to basically just ignore it.

Anyway, my guess is that there's something about the way Unity (and many, many games and other apps) do keyboard input reading that makes it look like a keylogger.  I guess I can understand, they kinda have to read the keys ;)

If you want info from Kapersky, including on how to disable this specific warning, please see their support article on the subject:

An excellent summary. And for the record, unity only reads the key inputs that are for the game itself, not the wider operating system. Very safe and entirely ordinary, your word processor does the same thing. Hopefully future versions of that antivirus won't have this sort of false positive.


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