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Graphics glitch in 1.008/9


Colonel J:
Hi, since I installed the new patches I've got a graphics glitch that wasn't there before.

PC version, 1680x1050 and only when in full screen mode:

There is a a bright line a couple of pixels deep across the top of the game window that looks like it's wrapped from the bottom of the frame - see screenshot.

The more distracting glitch is in all menu and game screens where I have a line of similar thickness to the screenshot across the whole far left side of the screen. And another across the bottom of the screen, this one is just the width of the game frame. I've tried taking screenshots but these two lines don't seem to show up in the capture. Also tried tweaking my monitor screen centering (I shouldn't have to it is properly set up....) but it doesn't remove the lines.

On the Adventure Mode map screen, when scrolling the map a similar line appears on the far left side, same width as the map, looks like the last couple of pixels are wrapping back to the black screen border.

I've put a bug entry in your Mantis tool,

Brilliant game by the way, I haven't been obsessed by a puzzle game this much in years....

Colonel J:
Damn, just downloaded my screenshot to check and you can't really see the glitch line across the top of this one either! The screen image I originally took in FRAPS has the black border and the line is white and very visible against the black. Trust me, it's there....

Colonel J:
Ok another issue related to this today...

I've started playing in Windowed mode (default windowed resolution 1280x768) instead of full screen, so I don't see those 2 bright lines at the bottom and left far edges of the black screen border and the one line at the top of the game play area. So if I now start up the game again in Windowed mode and try going back into full screen mode using the on-screen icon or the Setting menu, instead of the usual black bordered 1280x768 display in full screen mode I get a fuzzy game image that is stretched to fill my 1680x1050 monitor, no borders. The only way to get back to the usual black-bordered full screen mode is to quit out of the game when in full-screen and restart - this restores the 'correct' full screen image. Hope that makes sense!


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