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Full Screen bug with dual monitors

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I found a bug where if you have dual monitors, and try to play in full screen mode, the game will exit if you mouse over towards the second screen.

Steps to reproduce:

* Have two screens set up side by side, in extended desktop mode.
* Start the game, and choose full screen mode.
* The game is now on your primary monitor.
* Move your mouse towards the secondary screen.  It will move onto that screen, as if the game was in windowed mode.
* If you have activation follows mouse running, mousing over another window will cause Tidalis to minimize, with lots of screen flicker and resolution changes.
* OR: If you click on anything on the second screen, desktop, or window, it will also cause Tidalis to minimize, with the same screen flicker problems.
The screen flicker problems are caused by the screens having to resize back to native resolution.  I think.  I run 1680 by 1050, so it has to change.  Since you seem to be doing the letter box thingy anyway, any chance you could add in some more resolutions?

Oh, and I just updated to the latest (or so I assume) version about 5 minutes ago, via the auto-updater thingy.

Unfortunately, this is a known issue with Unity 3d at the moment, and is not unique to Tidalis. On multiple monitors (which I also have), the best idea is probably to use windowed mode. We and a number of other game developers are real hoping for better multi-monitor support from unity inthe future.

Wish there was better news totell you!

I have something kind of like this with this latest version.

Prior versions, I open the program and it displays in a nice sized, centered window that I believe I'd long since had set at 1024x768.  1680x1050 is my max screen resolution.

Upon updating today, it instead loads it in an ultra-fullscreen Window(goes through my taskbar at the bottom of the screen) that is only halfway visible on the right side of my main monitor with my other being off, which means I have to drag it to the left a good ways.  For like the first 3 seconds, it looks like it will open up as it always did before, then everything jumps over rightwards and blows up. do I get back my "comfortable" window?

Simple go into settings, and then you can change your windowed resolution to whatever you like -- literally.  1231x652?  You got it!  This is a new feature splitting out the windowed and fullscreen resolutions, so that you have compatibility on fullscreen and customiazability on windowed.  But, as a side effect, those who were using the fullscreen resolution as windowed in prior beta versions now need to set their desired windowed version separately.

Success! Worked like a charm.   8)


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