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Found a bug or have a suggestion? Please use our bug tracker to report it!


You can log in here (not with your forum login, you'll need a different login for the bug tracker):

Please be sure to search the bug tracker to make sure that your issue has not already been reported!

The Idea Tracker is dedicated to the reporting and discussion of suspected bugs in Tidalis, as well as feature suggestions.

Please post a separate bug report for each individual bug you wish to report. Include as much information about the bug as you can, as well as the version of Tidalis you were running. If possible, detail the steps required to reproduce the bug.

If the bug resulted in the game crashing, please attach any error files that were produced. Examples of such files include UnhandledErrors.txt, SoundLoadException.txt, and so forth.  These files are in the RuntimeData folder inside your game folder!

Thanks for your assistance!


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