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Crash when trying advanced tutorial


Hi, I just bought this during the recent steam sale, and after playing the tutorial I went to look at the advanced topics.

As soon as I clicked the button, I got an error, and the error log was as follows:

--- Code: --------------------------------------Exception-----------------------------------Log String: ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Argument is out of range.
Parameter name: index
Stack Trace:
System.Collections.Generic.List`1[PlayerPreferences].get_Item (Int32 ) [0x00000]
ScoreObjective.get_RequiredScore ()
ScoreObjective.get_ObjectiveDescription ()
LevelObjectiveCollection.get_ObjectiveDescription ()
AdventureMapNodeTooltipDisplay.Show (.AdventureMapNode MapNode, .GameBoard Level, Int32 XCoordinate, Int32 YCoordinate)
PuzzleMenu+<>c__CompilerGenerated66.<SubclassInit>c__436[String] (System.String Item) [0x00000]
ArcenButtonSet`1[System.String].Render (Rect , Vector2 , Vector3 ) [0x00000]
AbstractArcenWindow.WindowFunctionCall (Int32 WindowID)
UnityEngine.GUI+_Window.Do ()
UnityEngine.GUI.EndWindows (UnityEngine.IDList idlist)
UnityEngine.GUIUtility.EndGUI (Int32 doLayout, Int32 doWindows, UnityEngine.IDList idlist)

--- End code ---

Hmmm, sorry to hear about this.  Unfortunately, I can't duplicate this on the latest beta.  Can you try upgrading to the latest beta and see if that resolves it?  Otherwise, if you have steps to reproduce, that would be much appreciated.  Thanks!

I went and had a look later on after playing some of the story mode, and it didn't happen again. No reproduction steps sorry.

Ok -- well, we'll keep an eye out for it, at least.  Thanks for checking!


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