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can't shift-click

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I am playing Tidalis on a MacBook Pro running OSX 10.6.7.

I can no longer hold the Shift button to change the direction of blocks. Clicking with two fingers on the touchpad works, as it did before, but this is extremely uncomfortable, and the Shift button was perfect!

This happened a few minutes ago, after I upgraded from the demo and clicked the "Updates" button in the lower left of the Tidalis window-- I don't know which, if either, of these things might have caused it.

Can you help?

Try restarting and playing in full-screen mode. Maybe the unity engine thinks that the key is already pressed.

You might check the key bindings window, too, and make sure it is still bound to shift. You can also rebind it to something else if you prefer. Hope that helps!

Thanks for the suggestions! Sadly, going to full-screen mode didn't help, and the key bindings window... I have to admit, I'm not even sure which setting I should be looking at. The names are somewhat opaque to me.

I think it's something like "Use LMB as RMB"


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