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I've completed the first 16 levels and am really enjoying myself so far, even with some hiccups with difficulty (not that the main adventure doesn't have its share of those!) that may come down to the random number generator. I'm still really surprised that someone's made a custom adventure for this game a whole 3 years after it came out, but it's really exciting and a lot of fun. Thanks again for putting this together. :)

Regarding RNG, there was a lot of discussion about this during development, and at one point we even had an option to set the random seed for a stage, but it was ditched. We discussed things like Tetris RNG systems where they have guarantees about the longest sequence of blocks you can have before you must get a block of one particular kind and that sort of thing, but I think right now it's just straight probabilities. Definitely makes for a challenge in getting difficulties right.

And as for Light Up, that was one I didn't know what to do with, which is why I didn't have any levels featuring it. Having block items is a really smart way to make it manageable; I like your approach there. There were several modes and blocks I had no good ideas for how to use, like block swap and wind, but you've made them work pretty well here. I think there are probably a couple brilliant ways these things can be utilized, and it's a matter of figuring out what those are, so it's good to have multiple people experiment with them. I hadn't planned on using jumping bean until a friend came up with the idea for coupling it with locked blocks and frenzy, but I'm thrilled with the results of that one (stage 111 in the main adventure).

On the RNG thing, what exactly would you like it to do?  Just always give the same blocks in the same order, regardless of what else happens?  Or are there other things that need to be "locked down", so to speak?

I know Chris didn't like the idea at the time, but I imagine now he honestly wouldn't care :)

I'd just need to hunt up the update process for this thing...

The download has been updated. The adventure now includes unique on-loss tips for each level. I've also made minor adjustments to a small handful of levels, mostly to reduce difficulty.

Updated again with 10 extra levels. They don't fit into the storyline; their locations are marked not-so-subtly on the adventure map.

I'm going to give this a spin.


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