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Tindertramp, or, Why Jkefka Should Not Be Allowed To Play With New Game Modes


Trampoline mode got my attention as soon as I heard about it, and I had to throw together a nasty little brain-teaser for it.  This one may have multiple solutions, but I doubt it.  One hint: Those ice blocks are a time limit.  If they vanish, my solution at least won't work.  Of course, that means you need to have everything around them set up by then.  Have fun!    ;D

did you make this with pen and paper before you were in front of a computer :D

Here's a slightly revised version.  I have a tendency to put in locks as "hints," hopefully this will make it more solveable.


Added to the Community Brainteasers for official version 1.005!  Thanks so much for the submission!


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