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The Grasslands -- Descent

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This one should be fairly tough, as it should involve quite a bit of thinking to clear every block on the board. The win conditions are because Plastic blocks somehow count toward the "all blocks" meter, so i had to set it so you didn't have to clear them.

Very good puzzle. It took me about 4 tries to solve it.

i can't solve it now (beyond the test solving), and I made it! :)

Got it on my second try; I missed some stuff on the bottom on the first try (the bottom green and magenta in that right column). Definitely an interesting puzzle that made me very happy I have smart drag enabled. :P Good work.

I recommend for your future puzzles that you use wall blocks rather than the actual wall for clarity's sake. The wall that changes the shape of the grid is very hard to see if it's not on the edges; the two wall blocks are blocks that aren't affected by gravity and are intended to act as walls inside the well. The wall feature should only be used if it's giving the well an interesting shape (which was done for a few puzzles, such as Puzzle 4 - 9). Adhering to this keeps your puzzles feeling polished and being easily playable.

I honestly don't know what most of the special blocks do in the editor, but i'll try and remember that ;)


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