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Reflex - My First Puzzle


This is my first puzzle. I call it Reflex. I think it should be a little bit difficult, but i cant really tell since i made it and know the solution. It is to be solved in 2 moves. I only know of one solution.

feedback is appreciated.

Good puzzle triggerman :D

Perfect name for this puzzle, hadn't worked without good timing. It took me a few tries, but it was quite clear from the beginning what I had to do. I agree with you that there is probably only one possible solution. I will keep an eye out for your next puzzle.

I conscientiously avoid playing complex brainteaser levels, my brain just can't handle the extra load after all that software design and coding ;)

But one thing you may want to consider is using passable wall blocks for those two "wall tiles" below that red block on the bottom segment.  The wall tile is still supported to allow custom "shapes" for boards like you did with the segment divided, but if it's just one or two tiles in the middle of a puzzle often the passable-wall blank has a somewhat more polished look to it.

Of course, people might be confused and think that you have to clear them to achieve the clear-all-blocks objective (you don't have to clear them or plastic or anything else that is truly un-clearable).

I think i made this puzzle before the implamentation of wall blocks.

Added to the Community Brainteasers for official version 1.005!  Thanks so much for the submission!


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