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My Sun and Moon puzzle

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The 9th Sage:
I spent some time on a puzzle level involving nothing but sun and moon blocks the other night.  I'm not really sure how hard it is, and some things definitely ought to be possible in several ways, but there are a few elements that if you don't figure out how to do them right, you're sunk.  Also, if you're wondering about the blocks in the corners, they are there because otherwise the game ends (I *think* because there aren't three or more of the sun and moon blocks a piece, which normally shouldn't matter for them given how you make matches with them), telling me I lost before I'm done even though I can actually win.  Delete them and try it, it's pretty odd.  The ones in the middle are just there because it looked interesting to me. :P

Anyway, I hope someone gets some fun from it.

Solved it in 24 moves with 1970 points. Took me a few tries; I kept making small mistakes. My strategy was to just go a few blocks at a time, paying some attention to what blocks were nearby the current ones to ensure I didn't fall into a trap. Sun and moon blocks definitely require a different way of thinking from the norm in this game!

Good puzzle. :) I enjoyed it.

The 9th Sage:
Thanks, I was wondering how you'd like it. :)  I'll have to go through and redo it myself in order to get my number of turns.  Oh, and by the way, the way you described is usually how I solve it.  With Sun and Moon it seems better to take your time and think more about what's going to happen to the blocks around the chain you're making.

Ok, right now I think my best is 18 moves and 2,690 points.

Great puzzle Sage  :D

I have completed it in 8 moves scoring 9800 points, 'proof' provided below. Will be interesting to see if someone can beat that :)

Maybe add an additional victory condition of x moves?

Will lookout for your next puzzle ;)

The 9th Sage:
Ok, I think this is the best I can do for now (heh, have to go to work). :D

11 Moves and 21,220 Points

This is a lot of fun, I never played much for score or turns before, so it forces me to think about the puzzle on a whole new level.


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