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Where we are with TLF, in general, 3/14.

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I was looking for a strategy space game that had 'menu' driven commands rather than an rts style and came across Paradoxes' Space Empires IV, but as i have never played it, i am not sure this is the kind of thing that Chris is referencing when he says 'text-adventure' style of combat.

Guess at some point i will just have to see it to know for sure.
Has anyone played SE4 before and what did you think?

Thank you,


--- Quote from: Cyborg on March 14, 2014, 09:53:19 pm ---
Did you read the manual? There is some discovery like any other game, but you should be able to handle it. It does require being familiar with the lore, and why shouldn't it, since it is a text adventure of sorts?

--- End quote ---

I did read the lore and loved it.

However, the problem was that even if you did everything right failure was still frighteningly high. When trying to learn the game, failing when you do everything right either causes confusion (and may cause the player to guess their correct answer was actually incorrect) or just cause frustration. \Neither are good.

So how do you win in KoDP?


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